Water line damage can be a massive headache to deal with. Not only is it costly to repair, but it can also be a safety hazard. As such, it should not be taken lightly. As the trusted company for water line repair in Pasadena, MD, Priority Plumbing & Drain has been called upon by many homeowners to help with water damage remediation.

Here, we will discuss the most common causes of water line damage.


One of the most common causes of water line damage is age. Over time, water lines can become corroded, cracked, or otherwise compromised. Take away routine maintenance, and the degradation process is accelerated even further. Repairs should be done as soon as issues are discovered. Otherwise, you may end up needing a premature water line replacement.

Poor Installation

Another common cause of water line damage is poor installation. If your water lines are not installed properly, they won’t be as efficient and will be prone to damage. To ensure you have proper water line installation procedures, work only with reputable plumbing companies.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters like floods or earthquakes can also cause water line damage. If you live in an area prone to these types of disasters, it is crucial to have your water lines inspected regularly. By taking a proactive stance to prevention through water line services, damage can be averted.

Tree Roots

Tree roots can also cause water line damage. If tree roots grow into your water lines in search of water and minerals, they can cause them to become blocked or damaged. Primary water line repair also becomes necessary if tree roots damage your water lines.


Mishaps during construction projects can occur–especially if construction is taking place near your water lines. This is why it is crucial to inspect the plans for your water lines before construction begins. Otherwise, you may find yourself needing an unscheduled main water line repair.

Water line damage can be avoided if you know its causes. For help with water line damage, trust only Priority Plumbing & Drain. Providing solutions to your plumbing issues is our priority. Call us today for all your water line repair and maintenance needs!