Water lines are an essential component of your home since they supply you with water for domestic use. Unfortunately, most homeowners neglect to maintain them. As a result, the water lines develop issues, such as clogs, leaks, and corrosion.

When such issues arise, don’t hesitate to contact Priority Plumbing & Drain, the leading name for quality water line repair in Pasadena, MD. To help you keep your water lines in tip-top shape, we have compiled the following tips below.

Insulate Your Pipes During Winter

Frozen water is among the top causes of burst pipes during winter. When water freezes, it expands and pushes on the pipe’s walls until they burst. However, you can prevent this by insulating your pipes with heat tapes or pipe sleeves. In case of burst water pipes, call a trusted plumbing company for a main water line repair and insulation procedure.

Maintain the Appropriate Water Pressure

High water pressure causes pipe bursting or failure of the plumbing fixtures. You should always measure your water pressure using a hose bib gauge that is readily available at the hardware store near you. Additionally, when installing new plumbing, ensure your plumber fixes a pressure valve during the water line installation to help regulate the water pressure.

Soften Your Water

Hard water contains calcium and magnesium that can hold onto the pipes and restrict water movement. If this continues for long, these minerals may corrode your pipes and cause them to burst, thus requiring an untimely water line replacement. You can effectively deal with this situation by installing a water softening system to keep your pipes safe.

Taking care of your water line is our priority. Our team works to ensure total restoration of any damaged pipes in Pasadena, MD, and its surrounding areas. We have accurate estimates for all water line services, and our technicians are never late.

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