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Garbage Disposal Installation and Replacement in Pasadena, MD and Nearby Areas

Need help setting up your new garbage disposal? Whether you’ve decided on a batch feed system or a standard continuous feed unit, our experts are here to help you install or replace your garbage disposal without hassle.

Priority Plumbing & Drain offers professional garbage disposal installation services for homeowners throughout Pasadena, MD and nearby areas in Anne Arundel and Howard Counties.

We are committed to providing you with a stress-free experience. Our experts will take the time to make sure your home is able to safely accommodate your new garbage disposal, present you with an upfront estimate for installation or replacement, and ensure that your new equipment is installed safely and professionally.

Call today to book an appointment for garbage disposal installation or replacement.

Benefits of Professional Garbage Disposal Installation by a Pasadena Plumber

Many homeowners who are skilled and handy around the home are often tempted to try installing their new garbage disposal on their own. But the garbage disposal installation process requires both plumbing and electrical knowledge; as a result, enlisting the help of a professional is highly encouraged. Our experts at Priority Plumbing & Drain will be able to catch potential problems as well as eliminate the need for any guesswork, ensuring the safe completion of the project.

Working with a skilled plumbing professional is particularly important if your home is an older construction. Older homes that don’t have an existing garbage disposal may require additional plumbing and/or electrical upgrades. If you have a septic system, it’s also important to make sure your new garbage disposal is septic safe.

Our team will take the time to go over your specific needs to ensure the safe installation and the long-term efficiency of your garbage disposal.

Plumber Installing Garbage Disposal

Continuous Feed and Batch Feed Garbage Disposals: Which One is Best for Your Home?

Do you know which type of garbage disposal you’re getting? Many homeowners use continuous feed systems, since they are the most widely available and convenient to use. But there are also batch feed garbage disposals, which offer greater safety features.

Continuous feed garbage disposals are the easiest to operate, but since they are designed to continue running as long as the switch is turned on, there is a greater chance for items to fall in the drain and become damaged.

Batch feed garbage disposals greatly reduce the chance for accidents. These systems only start running once the drain is covered, which makes batch feed systems a safer alternative compared to continuous feed garbage disposals.

No matter which type of garbage disposal you decide to purchase, you can count on our experts to help you complete the installation process and make sure your new garbage disposal works efficiently right from the start.

Get your new garbage disposal safely installed and ready to go! Call our experts today for professional garbage disposal installation or replacement services in Pasadena, MD or surrounding areas.

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