New water heater

Whether you’re upgrading to a cutting-edge model or simply want to replace your over-20-old heater, you can’t miss checking certain necessary features. Technicians at Priority Plumbing & Drain recommend a heating unit matching your performance needs, budget, and durability preferences.

As the trusted name for water heater repair in Pasadena, MD, we strongly recommend taking your time and checking if the potential water heater meets the following criteria.

Heater Type

The first feature to give priority to is the heater type. The well-known heaters recording the most sales are tank-type, tankless-type, solar-powered, and point-of-use heaters. Tanked types cost less upfront and are suitable for bigger families. On the other hand, a tankless water heater may cost more upfront, but its maintenance is much lower. Solar heaters are the cheapest to maintain, while point-of-use units are perfect for single-unit or space use.

Installation Type and Requirements

The water heater installation requirements vary between different unit types. The installation costs largely depend on the location, the permit type and cost, and the labor costs. Point-of-use and tankless heaters require less installation time and work. Traditional tanked units take more time to install, and the costs are higher depending on where you live. Solar-powered heaters require an experienced technician with grand electrical wiring and sizing skills.

Capacity and Operating Costs

Traditional water heaters heat and store water and can supply adequate water for large families. However, they tend to be unreliable power-wise as they need more energy to keep water hot. Instantaneous water heaters only heat the water required and are unsuitable for larger families. Solar-powered heaters are unfailing for everyone needing water heater replacement, mainly because you won’t spend on electricity bills.

Getting hot water as soon as anyone in your house needs it is a privilege you wouldn’t want to miss. For everything from installations to tankless water heater maintenance and everything in between, you can count on our technicians at Priority Plumbing & Drain to have your best interest in mind. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment!