Sewer Line Repair Services in Glen Burnie, MD

Backed up toilets, sewage backing out of your shower drain, and persistent drain problems all signal a problem in the sewer line. Whether it’s a recurring issue or an outright emergency, don’t hesitate to contact our Glen Burnie plumbers for immediate service. 

Priority Plumbing & Drain is your local expert for sewer line repair services. We will take the time to explain the cause of your sewer problem and help you figure out the best decision for your home or business. Our experts are committed to providing you with the best solutions for your needs and will go above and beyond to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the results.

Contact us today for quick turnarounds and honest solutions. Serving the sewer line repair needs of Glen Burnie, MD and surrounding areas.

Signs It’s Time to Call Your Glen Burnie Sewer Repair Expert

Strong sewage odor: This may be one of the first things you will notice if your sewer line is leaking or damaged. The smell can come from your drains, your toilet, or around your property. 

Persistent drain or toilet problems: Sewer line damage can lead to recurring problems that include slow drains, backed up drains or toilets, and changing water levels in your toilet.

Cracks in the foundation: Your home’s concrete slab foundation can start to crack if there is a sewer leak underneath. Contact our Glen Burnie, MD plumbers for an immediate inspection if you notice large cracks in your home’s foundation.

Greener grass: If you have unusually lush patches of grass or vegetation on your front yard (compared to other areas of your property), a damaged sewer line might be leaking sewage waste onto your lawn.

Mold: If sewage waste has leaked into your home, mold can develop and affect your health as well as create damage that may call for costly mold remediation services.

Pests: Cracks in the sewer line can also cause an increase in flies, cockroaches, rodents, and other pests in your home.

Sewer Camera Inspections

No matter what’s causing you to experience sewer line problems, our Glen Burnie, MD sewer repair specialists will identify the source of the problem with a comprehensive sewer camera inspection. This noninvasive service will provide us with a clear look into your sewer system so we can accurately pinpoint the affected area. We will be able to tell if leaking, cracks in the line, root damage, or other concern is the main problem affecting your sewer line.

Once we have tracked down the problem, we will provide you with an honest opinion on the matter and help you determine if repair is best for your sewer line.

Why Choose Our Glen Burnie Sewer Repair Company?

At Priority Plumbing & Drain we understand how damaging sewer line problems can be. Our experts are here for you with the fast service you need and the personal attention you deserve. We will always take the time to explain the problem to you and make sure you receive options that meet your needs. 

Call now to schedule immediate sewer line repair services in Glen Burnie, MD or the surrounding area. Same-day and emergency service available.

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