Repiping Solutions in Glen Burnie, MD

An older home may require several plumbing upgrades, among them repiping. Water supply pipes suffering from old age, corrosion, or other damage can start to leak and may even affect your home’s structural integrity. 

When it comes to replacing your water supply lines, trust the job to your local repiping specialists at Priority Plumbing & Drain. We provide whole-home repiping services throughout Glen Burnie, MD and surrounding areas in Anne Arundel and Howard Counties.

We believe in helping our customers achieve total peace of mind by getting to the source of their plumbing problem. Our experts will take the time to discuss your needs and make sure your plumbing needs are safely and professionally resolved–so you can finally enjoy the peace of mind you deserve.

Call today to schedule leak detection services or to learn more about our repiping solutions in Glen Burnie, MD. Receive an honest opinion and upfront estimates that will help you make the right choice for your home.

When is Repiping Recommended?

If your home was constructed more than 50 years ago, it may be hiding corroded or weakened water supply pipes. Older homes in the Glen Burnie area may have water supply pipes made of lead, galvanized steel, or polybutylene. 

These materials were industry standards several decades ago, but if they are still in use today they are likely in decay. Lead pipes, in particular, are a risk to the health of your household and should be replaced as soon as possible.

Don’t wait until you have a plumbing emergency on your hands. If you know that you have older pipes, or if you are noticing leaks behind your walls of ceiling, it’s time to contact your Glen Burnie, MD plumber to have your water supply pipes inspected and find out if your home needs a repipe. 

We also recommend having your pipes checked if you plan on purchasing an older property. A full repipe and plumbing upgrade can help you avoid unnecessary emergencies in the future.

Signs It’s Time to Repipe Your Glen Burnie Home

Unlike other plumbing problems like a clogged drain or faucet leak, problems affecting your water supply pipes are more difficult to notice since the pipes are often installed behind your walls or ceiling. However, there are warning signs you can look out for, which include:

Water meter running nonstop
Discolored or brownish water (sign of pipe corrosion)
Persistent sound of water running through your pipes (sign of leaking)
Moldy odors or water stains on your walls/ceiling

Schedule Professional Repiping Solutions in Glen Burnie, MD

The repiping process takes anywhere from a few days to a week. The time frame depends on the size of your home, and whether you are only repiping a section or your entire home.

Our experts at Priority Plumbing & Drain are here to guide you through the repiping process and make sure the job is completed to exceed the highest quality standards.

Contact our Glen Burnie, MD repiping specialists today to learn more about the process and find out if repiping is the right solution for your home.

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