A blocked drain is bad news whenever it happens in the home. Although you can’t avoid all drain blockages, you can take measures to lessen the likelihood of obstructions and unpleasant backups. Priority Plumbing & Drain is the company to call for professional drain cleaning in Pasadena, MD. We have trained experts and employ safe, non-abrasive techniques that won’t cause damage to your pipes. Here, we present the essential tips you need to remember to keep your drains free-flowing all year round.

Schedule Regular Checks For Your Home’s Septic System

It’s essential to have your home’s septic system inspected at least once every few years. Septic system problems are a major cause of drain obstructions, which may cause flooding in your house. Scheduling regular maintenance and calling for drain cleaning services can help prevent this.

Set Up a Drain Trap

A clogged drain may occur due to many different kinds of material, such as scum, paper towels, hair, and even food waste. However, installing a drain trap over the sink opening will help to lessen the likelihood of clogs. Things that aren’t liquid will get stuck in the drain trap. Afterward, you can take them out and conveniently toss them in the garbage.

Get a Plumber To Snake Your Drains for You

Instead of waiting until your drains are blocked, have a plumber conduct drain snaking regularly. Paying more money when the drains aren’t even blocked may not seem important, but it’s worth the effort since it prevents the hassle and expense of dealing with a major obstruction.

Don’t Use Drain Cleaning Chemicals

When you have a severe drain blockage, you may be gripped with the impulse to go out and get a chemical drain cleaner immediately. Although most companies portray the products as quick and efficient in their advertisements, they downplay the dangers. It’s much safer, and much more effective, to hire a reputable drain cleaning company for a thorough drain cleaning service.

For exceptional and cost-effective plumbing solutions, depend on Priority Plumbing & Drain. Count on our team to explain your plumbing issue and suggest affordable solutions. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!